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What is the Best Way to Sell My House Fast – Realtor, Investor or FSBO?

Posted: 10/14/14
We all are in different situations when it comes to sell a house. Some situations are obviously much different than others.

How Mortgage Insurance can be an Obstacle During Short Sale?

Posted: 11/15/13
Mortgage insurance is supposed to help lenders in reducing the chances of loss in case any borrower defaults on the mortgage. This is basically a financial guarantee and a universal requirement for mortgage loans where the equity in property is below 20%.

Homeowners: Do Not Sign a “DEED-IN-LEU” Agreement

Posted: 07/19/12
Homeowners, please do not sign those “DEED-IN-LEU” Short Sale Agreements! Once you do, You are then in Foreclosure status. This is an OLD Bank Trick to Save Money and Do You In!! Heaven forbid - where you will end up in the next 12 months is(most likely in the streets!) And banks write these “DEED-IN-LEU” agreements off as a foreclosure, but do not tell you that up front, thus compromising your credit for 6 to 10 Years!!

Three Common Reasons Your House Won’t Sell

Posted: 07/14/12
Check the way you are marketing your house, how clean and maintained it is, and whether the price is right if your house isn’t selling. Charleston SC house buyers want to get the best they can get for the money, so make sure yours is the best buy on the block.

Selling Your Charleston House Fast with Creative Ads!

Posted: 07/10/12
Make your listing ads stand out from others by pointing out things that others don’t in their ads. What you put in your ad must grab attention from buyers.

Tips to Sell Any House

Posted: 02/19/12
Knowing what you may be facing, regardless of the type of home you will be selling, will help you to start the sale of your house out right. Some issues are common to all sales.

A Myth to Watch For in Short Sales

Posted: 12/15/11
The myth in short sales is that everyone who owes more than they can get for their house qualifies for a short sale with their lender. It’s a process and there are indeed qualifying factors.

Tips for Saving Time and Energy When Selling Your House

Posted: 12/13/11
Save the time, energy, and money it takes to prepare and sell a house. Especially with the competition you face in today’s market.

Negotiations Tips in a Buyers Market

Posted: 11/17/11
Negotiations on offers from buyers in a buyer’s market look very different from what buyers ask for in a seller’s market.

Pricing Your House to Sell

Posted: 11/17/11
Asking the people who have come through to see the house what they think is a great idea!

Selling a Home Privately

Posted: 02/26/10
Charleston South Carolina Real Estate: When you chose to sell your home privately (without the help of a real estate agent), most likely it’s because you wanted to save some money. Research shows that selling a home privately can save as much as $9000 during the home selling process. Don’t let this fact sway you, though.

Showing Your House to Home Buyers

Posted: 02/19/10
Charleston South Carolina Home Buyers: Trying to sell your house in this economy is getting harder and harder. With the amount for foreclosures available it really is a buyers market, so selling you home for top dollar is getting harder to do. If you need to sell your house fast, selling it yourself or through a Realtor may take time a little time.

Short Sale Benefits to Stopping Foreclosure

Posted: 02/03/10
Charleston SC: Are you in foreclosure and considering a short sale? Do you have questions like Why would it interest the lender? A very obvious question arises here as to why would the bank be interested in receiving less than what you owe them. The answer to this is simple.

Need Help Selling Your House?

Posted: 01/28/10
If you or someone you know is selling a house, is it something you have done before? For someone who’s never sold a house, home selling can be an frustrating experience. If you think you selling a home is easy, it usually means you’ve had enough experience doing it before, and know all the ins and outs of what is involved in selling a house.

Ten Tips For Selling Your South Carolina House

Posted: 01/15/10
We all know the basics you should do when you are tying to sell your house like cleaning up the house, but what else can you do to get it sold fast and at a higher price?

Do Short Sales Require a Delinquent Mortgage?

Posted: 01/08/10
Short Sales DO NOT Require a Delinquent Mortgage - “Eminent Danger of Default” Clearly, many if not most short sales involve a loan presently in default. As well, many times a short sale might involve a current borrower who can currently afford the payment. In several other situations, a seller may be “just hanging on” and the smallest thing could put them irreparably behind on their loan.

Considering a Short Sale?

Posted: 12/12/09
Considering a short sale in Charleston SC? Before you commit to a short sale, we want to be sure that you have considered other options. specialize in preventing foreclosure and utilize many different options before a short sale.

Short Sale in Charleston SC

Posted: 12/12/09
Short Sale Help in Charleston SC. Our team of experienced professionals, including ex- loan officers and litigation experts who understand a short sale contact your bank on your behalf and work hard to create a win-win situation. You win, the bank wins. Your house gets sold; the bank gets a new mortgage.

Short Sale in Charleston South Carolina?

Posted: 11/29/09
Short Sale in Charleston South Carolina? We can help stop foreclosure and stop the foreclosure process and help to avoid bankruptcy. We want to make your bank/lender go away and stop calling you. Up to now the only option was walking away and letting the bank foreclose. That’s not a good option since a South Carolina foreclosure sticks on your credit record for at least 7-10 years, and you can still be liable for the ENTIRE deficiency. Most experts are advocating a short sale to stop the bleeding. To stop foreclosure or bankruptcy on your house/home in Charleston or anywhere else in South Carolina, simply fill out our brief online property questionnaire and we'll work with you to sell your house fast and avoid foreclosure.

How Does a Short Sale Work in South Carolina?

Posted: 11/17/09
When we were selling a short sale house in a Charleston neighborhood recently, we were interested to see what portion of the houses currently under contract were short sales. We assumed about 25% to 40% would be short sales, but it turns out 75% of them under contract for sale were a short sale! If you have not talked to anyone about How to Sell Your House Fast in Charleston, South Carolina, contact us today

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